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It’s September, folks! And our theme this month is DEALING WITH ROOMMATES! Both of us have had our fair share of experiences living with people, not to mention the stories we’ve hear from friends and family. So, in honour of a month, when there are a lot of people moving in together we wanted to create a resource for everyone that could help people successfully co-habit with any of the ickiness.

Introducing the FREE ROOMMATE CHECKLIST from Renaissance Womanhood.

We take you through all the crucial information you need to have a successful relationship with your roommate, whether your deep in cohabitation or just starting!

Do you need the free roommate checklist for your home? Download it here!

Have you received your email with checklist? If so, download it, call a roommate meeting and follow along with us as we talk you and your roommates through the checklist in the video below:

With this video, we’re going to help you navigate the most important conversation you’ll ever have with your roommates. You’ll set yourself up for successful cohabitation by laying everything out on the table from the beginning. Be clear. Be direct. Be honest.

Download it here!

Once you’ve had this conversation, you’re going to feel so much more confident when faced with roommate rough patches. It’s so much easier to approach someone about an issue when everyone has already agreed on how to have that conversation. No more awkwardness!

Let us know know it goes!


Mel & Alana

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