The Roommates’ Workbook


Introducing the Roommates’ Workbook!

That’s right. Our 5-Steps to prevent roommate problems are available in a comprehensive workbook!

We created this in-depth step-by-step guide to the most important conversation you’re ever going to have with your roommates. It’s 15 pages filled with goodies to help you and your roommates go into a new co-habitation agreement that everyone is comfortable with and has a say in.

Here are some pain points roommates often have that we provide a solution to in our Workbook:

  • What is an Emergency, and who are the emergency contacts?
  • The Renaissance Womanhood 2/1 method for splitting rent and utilities.
  • A habits and pet peeves questionnaire to really get to know your roommates (who knows what you’ll find out!)
  • How to set expectations and consequences and so much more!


So, get yours today, call a roommate meeting and set forth on a journey to smooth cohabitation. Share your photos on Instagram with #RenaissanceWomanhood to be featured!

PS. If you’re humming and hawing, think about this. The Renaissance Womanhood Roommates’ costs $12.99, if you have one roommate and you split the cost, that equals one latte with soy milk at a café each. If that’s the cost of a peaceful and harmonious home, that’s certainly food for thought.

The Roommates’ Workbook is final sale and non-refundable.