Welcome back!

You’ve been watching us for almost a month and we’re finally asking the question, “What is a RENAISSANCE Woman?” and if our terrific friends identify with the term.

Well, all you wonderful renaissance womxn, you’re going to have to watch this week’s video to find out:

Marie-Josée had a particularly poignant note about being a “jack of all trades”, and thinking outside the box:

Being a Renaissance Woman is all about seeing how many boxes you can jump into. - Marie-Josée Dionne

Can you believe that we only have 1 week left of our launch month?! Where has the time gone?!

Next week is especially for our Renaissance Womxn who are students, as we’ll have crafted a video filled with lots of marvellous advice meant to help you on your journey as a student.

We also want to recognize that this week, our video came out late.

Why? Because being an adult is hard, and keeping on top of everything is equally as hard sometimes!

That’s why we made this website, in hopes to make it easier for young, womxn-identified folks who are multi-passionate and multi-knowledge. With that said, both Mel and I have had a few adulting things going on in the background that have taken priority, hence the tardiness of this post.

We try to make sure everything is running smoothly, and on time. However, sometimes life happens and you just have to course correct and go with the flow, as they say. And that’s what we’ve been doing.

Stay tuned for next week, because the advice you’re going to get is simply magical!


Mel & Alana

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